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Alt-Black.com is a dual mission thought leadership portal. Its core enterprise is serving as a forum to determine if creating an alternative Black movement is a real possibility. 

On January 1, 2018, the "The Alt-Black Manifesto," was released. It calls for a far reaching dialogue to discuss the prospects of creating a new social, cultural and political alternative for the People of a Darker Hue. The Manifesto ask the Darker Nation if the time has come to re-define its relationship with the nation's ruling power structure--the "Illuminati."

Alt-Black.com also serves as a central nervous system generating  information and analytical products concerning the growing  Trump-Alt-White coalition. The threat posed by emerging white nationalist forces,  is new and more dangerous than anything we've witnessed in the post-modern American experience. To effectively counter the wave of white nationalism, it's incumbent upon the Darker Nation and others to deepen our understanding of this adverse current. 

Alt-Black.com is an open space for the Darker Nation to speak, listen,  debate and learn with each other.  We have set up "The Dashboard" for  open commentary on creating an alternative Black movement. The "Culture Dome" serves a similar function to explore the complex and critical issues of evolving Black culture. "Harriet's Code"--the Alt-Black Glossary is an open project to build a new language, describe new phenomenon and develop new concepts. Your contributions to the "Dashboard," the "Culture Dome" and "Harriet's Code" is indispensable to our efforts to foster new beginnings.   

Our people deserve so much more than they've been offered. Since Juan Garrido, the first Black man to arrive in America in 1513, set foot on Florida's shores, our journey here has been a long and arduous one, filled with tragedy and triumph. Today, we  are closer than we've ever been to real liberation, or at least the opportunity to decide our own fate. 

For those who believe we have a rendezvous with destiny, let us rally to the sound of history's calling.  Welcome to Alt-Black.com, where heretics gather!      
Welcome to Alt-Black.com