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Le Pen Lost the Battle for the Presidency
 But Can the National Front Win the War 
Marine Le Pen
Trump's Russia House 
"Whose Pulling Whose Strings"
The Financial Crisis To Come--Thoughts on Tim Geithner's Analysis
Did Anonymous Hack Neo-Nazi Web Site the Daily Stormer? 
The Prophet of Economic Nationalism 
Who Needs Monuments?  With HBO New Series
Confederate; Dixie Wins & Exists in the 21 Century 
Immigration: Proxy War of the Alt White
What is the "Alt White?"
Detroit 67' The 50th Anniversary
Antifa: Who are Those Masked People?
Bannon: Prophet of Economic Nationalism
White Nationalism the Alt Right & Alt-Light
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Behind the Internet's Anti-Democracy Movement -  The Atlantic 
U.N. Resolution Is Preparation for War on North Korea - Global Research
How to Build an Autocracy - David Frum
Justice Dept. Thinks Whites Victims of 
Affirmative Action - 
Trump Setting Up Generals as Fall 
Guys in Afghanistan - LA Times
Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the 
Neo-reactionaries, TechCrunch
Breitbart Loses Over 2,600 of its 
Advertisers - The Hill 
Who Needs Monuments? HBO Plans to 
Launch New Series Called "Confederate"
Venezuela: Is the Country Courting Collapse 
Thought Leadership Center
Is There a Sixth Political Theory 
for the 21st Century​?
Take a Guess :What is the Best 
Country for Blacks To Live?​
The Financial Crisis To Come: Thoughts 
on Tim Geithner's Analysis
After Le Pen's Loss, What's Ahead for the
National Front - Alain Benoist
The Dark Art of Trump's New 
Deal With Black America​
Charlottesville: Lessons From the Battle
The Trump File​
Frauke Petry & Alternative for Germany Surges in  2017 Elections
A cache of documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals the truth about Steve Bannon’s alt-right “killing machine.” 
Trying to Break Out of Day Care
Violence & Creating a White-Ethno State